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A few weeks ago, I was called by a lady called Katy from RBP Agency looking for a body painter for a concept they had relating to a biker awareness campaign for one of their clients Minster Law.


Katy explained the background story of the campaign and I really wanted to be involved. Accidents involving motorcylces and the "I just didn't see them" are all too common these days and tbh I've even been surprised myself a couple of times when a motorcycle seems to appear from nowhere!

My two young boys are getting into motorcross and I definitely want them to be safe on the roads in the...

November 22, 2015

With the release of the new Star Wars movie "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens", I decided that I wanted to commemorate the day with a body paint! What better way to commemorate than with the iconic Stormtrooper?! 


I roped in my good friend Carley and of course my BFF photographer Claire Steels and we had a few hours to get the paint done and get some shots! What we forgot to inform Carley was the shots were going to be done 5 degrees weather!


There are a few things I would do differently when I look back, but that's me...I'm over critical on all my work and am alw...

November 1, 2015

Alexys Fleming (Lex) is one of the very first make up artists I discovered on YouTube. Her video's are awesome to watch! She is this down to earth, crazy kinda gal and I'm in awe when I watch her transform herself into all the different characters she is portraying.


Lex has a way of showing you how to recreate the look she is doing in a way that everyone can understand, the videos are not too long or short and by the end of it, you totally think "yep..I can do that" (Though I must admit, to get it looking just like hers is a HUGE achievement because well...she's AMAAAAZING)!


One of my m...

October 1, 2015

Ever wanted to turn yourself into someone or something completely different?


Well Maria Malone-Guerbaa does just that!

She is the queen of transformation! She has the talent and ability to completely change her face into something else, be it Freddy Mercury from Queen.......


or a Snow leopard! She really is AMAZING!


I'm sure it will take me years to ever be able to perfect something like this, but damn I'm going to practice! Just so inspirational!!


Make sure you follow Maria on Facebook and find out what she will turn herself into next!!!!








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