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October 7, 2015

To continue on our DoD series, we wanted to make sure it was something different to Part one, so we took advantage of our local area, Banbury, the FAIR was in town!


Model: Ria Rich

Make-up: ViZard Face & Body Art

Photography: Claire Steels


After an hour or so of prep with Ria - Painting her face and adding a "tattoo" style painting on her arm, dressing her in the amazing red gown (a china deal from eBay) and all accessories, we hit the fair in town on a Weds night to get some of the following awesome shots! 


Our model Ria embraced the fact that she was VERY much notice...

As an up and coming face & body artist, I am always looking to learn new things, try something new and have a go at things that have inspired me from other artists and artforms.


After watching an episode of the awesome show Skinwars, they were camouflaging their model into the background of a supermarket, so it may have been the wine aisle or the fruit & veg area.

This got me thinking - I have never tried to camouflage anyone with my art!


I decided I wanted to give this a go. I knew the British Grand Prix was in July so thought to myself, that i would love to try and camouflage someone i...

Being a Star Wars fan, I have always wanted to paint a Star Wars themed body paint!


It was the middle of last week when I realised...OMG...It's May 4th next week! How did that happen? It came up on me like a bullet fast train and I had not even planned my Star Wars themed paint! Arghhhh!!!


So, what did I do...I got straight on the text to my best mate (and photographer) Claire and typed super fast in panic mode about how we were going to pull this off in a few short days?!


Luckily, as always, my BFF, kept me calm and we booked May 3rd for the body painting and shoot. She came over 2 day...

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