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10 questions you will ever need / want to ask a face & body artist (hopefully)!


If you do have any further queries, please contact us!


How much do you charge?

Prices start from £140 for a minimum 2hr event (max 20 children) which is very competitive for the areas I cover and the quality you receive. For your bespoke event, it's best to contact me to discuss you needs. For me to provide you with a custom quote, please have the date, time, venue & numbers attending to hand. ​


How many people can you paint at an event?

I like to spend around 3-5 minutes per basic full face design which equates to around 10-12 faces an hour. For more complex designs the time needed is longer, however I can customise designs to your party needs. For larger events where time is at the essence, designs can be customised to insure we keep the queues moving (face painters always have queues!).​ For Corporate events, please contact me for further information.


Are the paints safe?

I only use EU and/or FDA approved face paints which are bought from reputable traders around the UK. The brands I use are Snazaroo, DFX, Tag & Superstar. These paints are mostly water based, however, reactions can still occur - if you are in any doubt about the paints, I do recommend a patch test at least 30 minutes before being painted. ​



What's the best way to remove the paint? 


The best way to remove face paint is with a mild baby shampoo or liquid soap, gently rubbed in neat onto the design, then remove with good old warm water & flannel, (do not use baby wipes) some colours have a higher pigment of colour which can prove a little more difficult to remove, in this instance I recommend a little baby oil & cotton wool. If this doesn't work – Wire Wool???!! (Joking!).​


My child has a cold sore – can she be painted?

No. Considering the risk of cross infection from child to child and the risk to my kit, I cannot paint any person showing signs of ill health. This includes and is not confined to: Cold sores, chicken pox, acne, rashes, eczema, head lice and so forth. I also do not want to aggravate any such condition by applying the paint to it. Please inform me before painting if the child has been unwell in the last 24hrs. and please do not be offended if I refuse to paint your child.


What is the minimum age you will paint?

The minimum age for a child to be painted is 3 years, this is due to the sensitivity of such young skin and safety issues. Children aged 3 may have a small design painted on their hand or arm. I will only paint children that can sit on my chair alone, or if nervous on a parents knee. Children must be accompanied at all times & not be left by the parent/carer whilst I am painting – my babysitting charges are much higher than my painting charges! ​


What about health & safety? 


I apply a strict health and safety regime. I use a one sponge per face policy to eliminate any possible cross infection, my water & brushes are cleaned regularly during the event and I do not use any hair band/scrunchies as to eliminate the risk of spreading possible head lice. I do however use hair grips which are the preferred way to hold hair back whilst painting without risk. My entire kit is thoroughly cleaned after every event including my sponges which are washed at 90 degrees. I hold full public liability insurance up to £5m and I am CRB/DBS checked, (however this is through volunteering for the local school as I cannot obtain individual CRB/DBS as a face painter) – please see

Please also see Question 6


Will you work outdoors?   


Yes! we do have the capacity to do outdoor events and can bring my own gazebo if required. I cannot work in direct sunlight due to the risk to the paints, therefore a sheltered area will be needed of at least 3mx3m - not so good for topping up my tan!


Will you work for free?  


Would you ask a plumber to fix your taps for free? Face painters are too commonly undervalued as the perception that “anyone can face paint” is very much seen in our line of business. Please do not confuse “cheap” with “quality”. I offer very reasonable, affordable prices for professional painting and can guarantee you will be happy with the results we produce at your event.

For charities – Each year I choose one charity to donate my time to. 

Ambassadors for charities can submit an interest for me to support them for the following year by email.

For registered charities I can work on a pay per face basis and donate a percentage back to the charity as long as my basic costs have been covered. Advertising a face painter can increase your footfall at your event, we regularly have large queues and are popular with all ages. Win, Win for both of us!


How do I book?    


Yay! You won't be disappointed! Please use the contact page for your custom quote. I will send you a contract and a copy of my Terms & Conditions. To secure your booking date a 50% bookig fee which will need to be paid at time of booking with the return of the signed contract. All monies are non refundable if the booking is cancelled within 7 days before the event date.


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