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UV Body Paint

Am super pleased to share with you my first FULL body painting and it was UV!

I absolutely LOVE UV paint, the bright colours that appear under a black light are soo intense and you can create stunning images and art with them.

Here I used both TAG & DFX Neon UV face/body paint that I bought online from The Face Painting Shop and made the design pop with DFX black.

The design in total, took around 4 hours to paint and shoot with the help of my lovely friend and fantastic photographer, Claire from Creative Image Studios.

Our model, Sophie Byrne was amazing , she stood so well for those 4 hours, with very little to protect her modesty, we even had to bring in an additional heat source as it was super cold that evening! The photos are absolutely brilliant in both colour & B&W!

Head over to my Facebook page for the set of full images!

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