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First Facebook Live Video is up!

Tim Burton Inspired Fairy

I did it! I finally completed my first Facebook Live stream!

It took all my nerves to have a go and to be fair, it was actually super easy and really fun!

This look was decided thanks to my followers who voted on either Fairies, Tim Burton or Comicon. I went with the two highest votes and designed a Tim Burton inspired Fairy type thing! hahah!

The whole design took 3hrs as I was nattering to the viewers, and I realised that if I was to do another, then start earlier! 9pm start with a midnight finish was not the best idea on a school night!

To see the whole live stream (in 2 videos) click here

Join me soon for my next one and let me know if you'd have any ideas of what you would like me to paint!

#Facebook #live #facepaint #facepainting #bodyart #vizardfaba #timburton #fairy #inspired #followers #comicon #makeup #mua #makeupartist #artist #art #painting #paint

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