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Union Jack Camouflage

As an up and coming face & body artist, I am always looking to learn new things, try something new and have a go at things that have inspired me from other artists and artforms.

After watching an episode of the awesome show Skinwars, they were camouflaging their model into the background of a supermarket, so it may have been the wine aisle or the fruit & veg area.

This got me thinking - I have never tried to camouflage anyone with my art!

I decided I wanted to give this a go. I knew the British Grand Prix was in July so thought to myself, that i would love to try and camouflage someone into the Union Jack, I mean this is THE iconic British symbol after all! It would also be a great image to post around the Grand Prix to get my business and artwork noticed!

Thankfully, my lovely husband (who has never let me paint him in the 4 yrs I have been doing this) agreed to let me have a go on him! Awesome!

Of course, my best bud and partner in crime, Claire Steels agreed to do the photography for me, so we picked a date in May, borrowed a large 6ft Union jack and had a go!

Face & Body Artist: Vizard Face & Body Art

Model: Steve Hancock

Photogrpaher: Claire Steels

Products used:

Global Colours: White, Red & Dark Blue

Thankfully my husband is of the slim nature - he fit the central line of the flag perfectly, making my life a lot easier!

You would think that the Union Jack being a rather simple image, it would be easy to camouflage, but trying to get your husband to hold his arms in this position for over 3 hrs was not possible, we had to line him up, mark it, paint him then line him back up again, which actually was quite a hard task to do!

I have to admit, the final images we got from it were awesome, i was so pleased with my first camouflage painting. I would defintiley like to do more intricate designs when I have the time, it was so much fun!

P.S. Tring to get all the paint off him was fun too!!! hahaha

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