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Face Painting Workshops now available!

I am super excited to announce my first ever Face Painting workshop has been organised! I have decided to do a Kids Workshop first and use them as my guinea pigs for my training methods - I mean who else will tell you the gods honest truth? Kids will!!!

It's happening in April during the Easter holidays for 12 children in my local village and it's already FULLY BOOKED (WOW - Did not expect that), so I have agreed to add additional dates to those who couldn't get onto this one. I am also going to travel around the local area offering these workshops to those who want it!

So my thinking of how it will work is;- I will need around 3hrs to be able to teach the children at least 2-3 simple designs, and include best brush strokes, sponge application and tips for hygiene, with a break in between for snacks and drinks. They will get to watch my demonstrate how to do the design, whilst practicing on paper themselves, then they can have a go at painting it on the skin by painting each other! I reckon that will go down a storm as kids love to paint each other!

At the end of the workshop, they get to go home with a mini kit which includes a mini palette, brush, sponges, spray bottle & a treat!

I think they will have a fab time, I am slightly nervous, but I'm sure it will be fine. If it goes well the plan is to do an Adult workshop possibly in June/July but that depends on my availability in what is the busiest season for a face & body artist!

Will let you know how it goes - Wish me luck!

Mel x

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