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It's Festival Season! Which means...RAIN!

It's finally that time of year when we don our wellies and visit one of the many UK Festivals & weekend events in the country!

You can pretty much guarantee with UK weather that during the week whilst we're all stuck tucked up behind a desk, slogging away on a production line or just generally having to work indoors, the sun will shine brightly throughout the day, teasing us with it's heat (or rather making us uncomfortable and groggy) then Friday eve comes along and BAMM! Here come the storms! It's quite ironic really eh?

You can actually put money on it (I'm sure Ladbrokes take bets for this kind of thing)

However, I have a rather large event this weekend (Banbury Rally @ Bloxham) and no amount of rain, lightening or even a full blown tornado is going to deter me! I'm actually on my knees praying to the waterworks above to pleeeeease give me at least one decent day to earn a good wage and exhibit my art on lot's of tiny (and big) faces this weekend!!

Whether it will work or not, I'll tell you on Monday but for now, I'll carry on behind my desk and watch the sun shine into the window and listen to the numerous steam engines make their way through the town and up to the Rally in the DRY, come on mother nature..........just for one weekend!

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