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April Inspirational Artist - Heather Green

This months inspiration artist has to be the uber fabulous Heather Green! She not only is a great artist but she's like a friend I've never met! Heather helps you along the way with all aspects of the face & body art industry, from tips and advice on your business via Paint Me Green and how to make it a success, tutorials on YouTube and the awesome FabaTV (where you can watch and learn from the... best in the business 24/7) to owning her own store - Silly Farm Supplies selling everything you would ever need for this business and more!

And she knows her stuff - she started face painting at the age of 14! That's amazing! Seriously though peeps, if you get a chance, check her out on FabaTV, they run a monthly free class (unfortunately as its US time, it's on at like, 1am here in the UK, but its worth the matchsticks in the eyes for, I promise!) Heather is definitely another one I look up to and aspire to be like in the future!! Thank you Heather for everything I have learned from you these past couple of years, one day I hope to be one of those artists giving those classes!!

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