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Music Video - Fun Times!

At the end of last month I had the pleasure of working with a fab local band called King Of The Alps. They contacted me back in 2014 about doing some alternative painting for a music video they had an idea for. We eventually got together at the beginning of this year and discussed what their vision was for the video and made a date to hook up in a basement in Banbury, Oxfordshire to shoot the video.

The guys were great, Paul, the lead singer seemed the quiet type, but when he did talk, it was usually some witty line. Ranj, the videographer and the guy with the ideas was hyper, funny and had this unique laugh that you could hear from the other side of the room. Brilliant!

The vision was - I was to paint certain words/lyrics from the song on Paul (the lead singer) whilst he was singing! We took a stab at it and it was actually pretty hard to paint on a very moving object! However, the outcome looked good on film! We continued with this during the song over and over again to ensure we had enough film to edit how they wanted.

I was asked if I could also paint a different word on five T-Shirts, so during filming, the word would change. This was of course ok, and the result of them was awesome, in fact Ranj wanted to keep them or in his words...make me do more and sell them!! hahaha!

We arrived on the day and set up. The bass guitarist Simon arrived and also a guy called Steve, but I'm not too sure what/who he was for the band, but he did take alot of pics and video during the day!

The basement was awesome, it was dark, damp and had that unfinished look about it. The guys set up the lighting, seating and a few fairy lights and I set up my station (well, all i needed were my brushes and black paint)!

It was also pretty cold down there and I felt for the lead singer who literally spent the whole day in a T-Shirt! He was freezing!

We were there for a good few hours making sure we had every angle and Ranj wanted to get shots of different areas of the basement. It was really cool to watch how it all worked and we all had a great laugh whilst doing it!

To my dismay, right at the end of the day, Ranj decided he wanted one more shot................he wanted ME to be filmed playing the guitar!!!! I have NEVER played the guitar and to be honest, i'm not one for being filmed either!! However, give me a challenge or a dare and I'll usually have a go - I mean why not eh??!!!

That was probably the most cringe worthy part of my day...but it was FUN!

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