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Meningitis Now Fundraiser

I had the privilege of being invited to paint at the Fluer de Lys in Woodford Halse last weekend for a Meningitis Now fundraiser. There were lot's of activities for both adults & kids including speed pool, darts tournament, live music, face painting, glitter tattoos & hair chalking to name a few!

The whole weekend we had beautiful weather which bought the people out and I painted lots of beautiful faces including a host of grown men who decided they wanted to look like their tattooed friend "Andy"! So, not to dissapoint my clients, I painted a whole host of "Andy's" and must admit, giggled the whole day about them! Unfortunately the main man - Andy - was not present this day so unfortunately was unable to see his tribute, however there were many a pic floating around Facebook, so I have attached the pic for you to see!

All in all, the weekend went really well and I believe they managed to raise over £450 for Meningitis Now which is fabulous and the best bit of all.....I won a gorgeous new bag on the raffle!

Winners all round :)

#meninigitsnow #facepainting #fundraising #glittertattoos #hairchalking

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