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How to wash off your face paint!

I've had a couple of people ask me lately "how do you remove face paint properly?" This has usually stemmed from the fact that their recent little one's face paint hasn't been removed completely, leaving staining on the skin, and worrying the parent that they will be stuck with a tinged face for days! My recommendation for this are the following instructions: 1. DO NOT USE BABY WIPES - You may find that yes, baby wipes do sometimes remove the design, however it also can just smear the paint around, push it more into the pores of the skin, and not completely remove the more pigmented colours like green & red.


2. First thing to do is to use neat baby shampoo (the no more tears kind if possible) or very mild liquid baby soap and rub gently onto the design. This lifts the colours from the skin.

3. With good old warm water & a flannel, wipe the design away. It may be an idea to use a dark coloured flannel for this.


4. If you do experience some staining, use baby oil and cotton wool on the affected area. The oil again, helps to lift the more stubborn colours from the skin without being harsh on the child's delicate face. 5. If none of this works, try scrubbing with wire wool??!!! JOKING!!!!! Never do this! I hope the above helps those to remove their face paint properly and quickly without harsh scrubbing and long soaks in the bath! For more answers to the most popular face painting questions, check out my FAQ on the


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