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January Inspirational Artist - The Wolfe Brothers!

Each month I want to pay tribute to a face painting artist/s that I find super inspirational.

Looking at other artist's creations and learning from them is key in my development as a face & body artist.

This month it has to be the fantastic Wolfe brothers!


Twins Nick & Brian are absolutely amazing - they are probably the gods of the face painting world!

Unfortunately Brian is no longer with us which is a huge loss to everyone especially within the face painting world, but Nick continues to amaze us with his great creations and does his brother proud!

The designs range from super simple to super intricate and can be completed by all levels of face painters.

The one image that began my journey as a professional face painter has to be the one here, my son is obsessed with wolves and this face paint is one of the first I saw online and decided I wanted to be able to paint like that!

I have watched many FabaTV tutorials with both (the late) Brian and Nick and they make it all look so simple! I really do recommend watching them in action and learning from their fab (and super funny) tutorials.

Thank you Wolfe brothers!

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