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November Inspirational Artist - Alexys Fleming @ MadeYewLook

Alexys Fleming (Lex) is one of the very first make up artists I discovered on YouTube. Her video's are awesome to watch! She is this down to earth, crazy kinda gal and I'm in awe when I watch her transform herself into all the different characters she is portraying.

Lex has a way of showing you how to recreate the look she is doing in a way that everyone can understand, the videos are not too long or short and by the end of it, you totally think "yep..I can do that" (Though I must admit, to get it looking just like hers is a HUGE achievement because well...she's AMAAAAZING)!

One of my most favourite looks and one I always remember is her portrayal of "Ketones" for Diabetes month this year. Lex has Type 1 Diabetes and is a huge spokesperson for American Diabetes Association and Step Out. Ketones are an acid remaining when the body burns its own fat. When the body has insufficient insulin, it cannot get glucose from the blood into the body's cells to use as energy and will instead begin to burn fat (ok I got this from google as I'm not clued up on Diabetes). Lex did a bodypaint to portray what a "Ketone" would look like to her and it's awesome! It just makes you think and be inspired by it all. See it here

Not only does Lex do face paint/body paint but she also does make-up tutorials and general videos on stuff she's thinking about. She even has her own line of make-up brushes and eye liner out!!

Lex is one I watch a lot and one that inspires me and to be honest - she's just cool!

For her social media links see below:

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