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May The Fourth Be With You!

Being a Star Wars fan, I have always wanted to paint a Star Wars themed body paint!

It was the middle of last week when I realised...OMG...It's May 4th next week! How did that happen? It came up on me like a bullet fast train and I had not even planned my Star Wars themed paint! Arghhhh!!!

So, what did I do...I got straight on the text to my best mate (and photographer) Claire and typed super fast in panic mode about how we were going to pull this off in a few short days?!

Luckily, as always, my BFF, kept me calm and we booked May 3rd for the body painting and shoot. She came over 2 days later armed with a storm trooper mask and a large bag full of spray paints & masking tape and we got to work transforming Mr Storm Tropper into Mr Boba Fett!

Now I know (from Claire, the Star Wars Geek) that many Star Wars fans may be a little annoyed or picky that Boba Fett's helmet was not his "true" helmet, but we were short on time people, so give me a little leeway!!

So with this pretty much sorted, next was to actually find a model! Thank fully after a quick plea on Facebook I had a couple of people volunteer and we chose a model for the Sunday.

The model had never been painted before but was up for the challenge so we exchanged texts of what to expect and got her booked!

Sunday morning came and I kicked the family out for the day so I could use our front room, I had everything prepped and ready to go, we had a quick brew to warm ourselves up and so it began!

After a couple of breaks and 4.5hrs later we were done...we were ready for Claire to do her magic and take numerous shots of our hard work. The model was fantastic during the whole day and I totally appreciate her volunteering for it, she said she really enjoyed it (and so did her fella when she got home apparently)

My awesome BFF got home and edited the images by Monday morning so I could post on the offical "May The Fourth" - Love her!!!

I have to say I'm pretty darned pleased with the results!

What do you guys think????

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