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Day Of The Dead Series

There's something about Day of The Dead Sugar Skulls that i love, I think it's the fact that you can literally create anything from scary to something absolutely beautiful with them. You can go wild with colours, texture, line work - anything! And who doesn't like them?? No one!

i have to be honest here, i didn't actually know what the reason behind the Day of the Dead until the beginning of this year, I always thought it was just another halloween design! I actually feel bad that i never took the time earlier to fully understand the reason behind it.

In short, it's a mexican celebration to honour those that have deceased. For a full understanding, check out this.

My best mate and photographer Claire Steels and I decided that we wanted to pay tribute to this celebration by doing a series of photoshoots all surrounding the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. To do this we want to shoot at different times of the year to capture the different seasons, lighting and climate in the UK with a range of different colours and concepts behind our models.

So, over the coming months, keep your eyes peeled as I'll be blogging about our Day of the Dead Series!

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